Minute Moments Matter

As I went to do a 32 week update I wondered if I should. Having already taken a few pictures after church (which clearly was hours ago), I'm still just "getting to it." I was hesitant and a tad bit unmotivated . Not because I didn't want to share, or that I'm less excited about my sweet girl, but because I spent so much time overthinking both the process and outcome rather than just doing it. 
Well you know, I haven't been as consistent as I initially thought I would be early-on in my pregnancy. I've missed a few weeks or so. There isn't a pattern in my postings anymore as some Sundays have come and gone without a Smithseed post. Ha, and don't even mention humpday Wednesdays. YIKES, and I don't have my chalkboard with me to write out the "usual". |Hours pass...| At this point it's late, no one is even up to read it. Besides, I'm tired and still folding laundry, prepping for the week and getting every QT moment in that I can with the hubby before our work week starts (Let's just say both of us being at schools hasn't been as "freeing" as we thought it would be...but that's a different story for another day.) Hmm, maybe I'll just wait until tomorrow; it's been a long day and the more I allow my fingers to flow, the later it gets. 

O M G!!! It's not that serious girl! | HUSH if you were thinking that all alone... let me live. lol | If only I had realized the lack of seriousness in such task while I was having the thoughts instead of after I've already wasted tons of time. Shoot, it probably would have saved me tons of brain power considering my mind races like crazy at times. 

Anywho, all of this just made me wonder...

How often do we spend so much time overthinking what God has instructed us to do? I know as a thinker, I've wasted moments; and not even because I feared doing the task but because I wanted to be perfect at doing so. Yet, every second that we spend trying to think about how it can/will get done equates to a minute gone that Holy Spirit was already in position to lead and guide us through the process. 
So often we are focused on the small details and we easily miss the big picture. I'm just grateful that I get it now and that I'm committing to no longer allowing seconds to cause me to miss out on minute moments. My life isn't about to slow down. In fact, I'm almost certain that I'm about to have to pick up the pace. I won't always be able to set the perfect scene with fine-printed chalk board script or even clean up a mess before I sit and reflect on how things could have went. It is now that I must remember to find the glory and joy in every minute and allow Holy Spirit to do his work, because whether it's stored in my memory the way I would prefer, it'll forever be a part of a moment that is vital to holding fast to the profession of my faith without wavering (Hebrews 10:23).

In just 8 short weeks I'll be entering yet another season. Indeed, I am looking forward to being forever present and purposeful as it relates to being a wife and a mother; yet, I am also looking forward to every minute that will be spent creating moments that matter, as led by my Father whose plans for me are good and perfect! I refuse to live life "getting to" the things God has called me to do. It is my desire to live in my purpose daily; and I shall. 

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