2017 Reflections

Social Media “likes” just didn’t do a good job of summarizing 2017 for me. But what it did do is, bring things into a “better” perspective. 

I almost let a few events within the past few months overshadow the great things that actually happened this year. Granted I cried (a lot), lived in fear more often than I preferred, didn’t post not one blog and/or re-launch my site as I anticipated, overthought about way too much, and the list goes on; but God graced me EVERY single step of the way. 

  • I watched my daughter turn ONE, flourish in school after being home with me for 18months, and as of this week, get potty-trained. 
  • I returned to the classroom for the first time as a mother. I’ve been the most fulfilled in this area than I’ve ever been in my 6 years of teaching.
  • I said “no” more often to things I just didn’t want to do, and finally started seeing a therapist (thank God)! 
  • I traveled with my larger family (Austin), my little family (Austin, Maryland, Mexico), and for the first time ever, with my Husband, alone (St.Lucia)! 
  • I survived another summer with the crew (Cortez and this time, Emonn)
  • I celebrated THREE years of marriage with my best friend and covering, and was honored to witness the union of two of my dearest sister-friends. 
  • Celebrated another year of life
  • Took my most favorite family pictures to-date, to include finally hanging them in my home - just after doing a few home updates. 
  • Welcomed my sweet nephew Keegan and made stronger bonds with my other daughters (I mean nieces). 


  • Hosted our family and friends during this holiday season; and spent more time with my friends. 

It is now that my heart is full of love and joy, and while I won’t be making any New Year Resolutions, I’ll be entering 2018 with a better perspective. I desire to be a better me and to fully receive the grace God gives me. To not allow uncertainty to withhold me from my assignments. To rejoice even when the world doesn’t present anything exciting. To be more transparent with what I “hear” needs to be shared and keep sacred what’s for me and my family. I thank God for 2017, it has set me up for greater expectation in 2018. Ready or not, it’s coming!!

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