Meet Ashley Lanae


I’m Ashley Lanae, a wife to an amazing man named Justin, mama to sweet, courageous girls named Lily-Grace and Madilyn, and an educator to a class full of first-time, school-going kindergartners. I’m also a Christian children’s author (Spirit Lead Me Through My Fears) and forever a birth worker (Doula). I should mention that I love Jesus, like A LOT! I mean, he’s the only reason I make it each day being all of the above.

This blog originally started in late 2015. I announced it on my twenty-sixth birthday with a blog entitled “Chapter 26”. After having my daughter in early 2016, I went straight to mom-ing, real hard. I even took a school-year off from teaching to be home with her. All of that to say, tons of transitions happened, I didn’t write, I found myself losing my passion, and I tried to skip a few life seasons by navigating things according to my own timing. I’m sure you can tell by now, that didn’t work out too well.

So here I am again, reclaiming my space.  The intent has always been to not only be transparent and vulnerable while keeping God centered, but to help someone along the way. Here, anything goes - from marriage, family, friendships, teaching, motherhood and whatever else may swing my way. I’m talking the good, the bad and the ugly.

This is a safe place. May it offer realness, laughter, connection, faith, comfort and whatever else is needed. It’s what I’m here for - me, you, us.

Welcome to my journey of living Fearless, Faithful and Fulfilled! Stay a while.